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on April 6, 2011

On my way home from work tonight 2 things happen that made me feel nostalgic,

The first: A voice mail from my cousin Tyler;

The “Woogawoo” (which Tyler affectionately remembers as “Woogaboo” apparently)  was a creature my Grandpa O invented when we were kids.

(Sidebar: My mom’s sister (my amazing Aunt Peggy) has 2 boys. My brother, me, and my 2 cousins have birthdays exactly 18 months apart; Tim 9/9/84, Me 6/7/86, RJ 9/9/88, Tyler 6/9/90; so we grew up together, quite literally.)

So my brother, cousins and I used to take walks with our grandpa on these traintracks :

And as we took our walks, he would tell us that we had to walk on the slats, because the Woogawoo lived under the train tracks and if we fell off the Woogawoo would get us! Of course we ate it up, and loved it. I can’t even begin to count how many walks we would take with our Grandpa, and how many times we thought the “Woogawoo” was going to get us. I miss being able to take those walks with him…it is one of my fondest memories from my childhood.

The second: a Strawberry Milkshake from McDonald’s;

During my senior year of high school, I hated taking the bus – so my Grandpa D would drive me to work on the condition that I was up and ready to leave with them to bring my Grandma to work. One morning I asked if we could stop at McDonald’s to get a strawberry milkshake on the way to school from my grandma’s work. Every morning from then on we’d stop and he’d get a coffee and I’d get my milkshake. The same lady was always working the register and got to know us/our order. Then I’d have to drink it real quick before I had to go to first period because my government teacher was  milkshake-nazi, and if I hadn’t finished it by that time she’d make the throw it away.  I often ended up sharing my milkshake with my 2 best friends, Meghan and Tyler, so that I wouldn’t have to waste any of it. McDonald’s has since tried to fancy it up by making it a McCafe Shake and adding whipped cream and a cheery (boo!), but it tastes just the same and will forever make me think of my Grandpa.

Essentially I have the 2 best Grandpa’s in the world, and I am also lucky enough that both of them are still in my life. My Grandpa D will be in 67 November, and my Grandpa O will be 82 in May. Both my Grandma’s too! And one great-grandma.


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